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Creating Images with Spruce

You no longer need to be a Photoshop expert to create stunning images to populate your social media feeds. Using amazing (free) tools that are completely web-based you now have the power to catch the eye of users as they scroll through each network feed – and catch their eye. In a time when a premium is placed on the visual it isn’t bad to have a simple tool like Spruce ready and waiting to execute your every command.

Oh and BTW, it’s custom made for the non-Photoshop user but… Photoshop experts will find it refreshingly simple as well.

Creating Killer Content for Social Media

If you’ve spent any time scheduling content for Facebook (or any social media channel for that matter) you know how tough it can be to consistently come up with good, quality content. It can definitely be hard but that doesn’t mean that it has to be hard. There is a lot of recycling you can do and in this post I’ll show you three ways you can recycle content to get the most life out of everything you create.

10 Ways to Use Facebook in Your Ministry


I am a huge fan of social media. I often say, if there were something I were to ever write a doctoral paper on, it would probably be on something in the world of social media, marketing, and ministry. I’m not sure how that would work, but I love all three, and they all relate on some level.

Does your ministry use Facebook? On a scale of 1 to 10, what would you give your ministry or church as a rating in how much leverage Facebook gives you in marketing your church brand and communicating to your people? Is your rating number a little low? Here are 10 easy ways to use Facebook for ministry that may kick you up a notch.

136 Rad Students – Why This Post Was Effective

You can post massive amounts of content on various social networks and receive very little, if any feedback. Truthfully, a lot of times content can be effective even if you don’t see the obvious signs of ROI. Very quickly I will breakdown why this post was effective content.

5 Examples of Content You Can Create Next Week

My goal is to help motivate and encourage you to engage in strategic communication from week to week. Sometimes knowing where to start can be so exhausting that you just want to take a nap. In effort to jump start the creative juices I have put together a PDF of the social media posts from […]