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Roll the Dice and Love Everybody


Love gets a bad wrap. Love is mixed up and tangled with all sorts of cheap imitations of what it really is. Look at Jesus and love like he did. Love cost him his life. Even if you don’t believe he rose from the grave, his example of true love is one anyone can take note of.

Deborah Wipf – Vision View

“Vision is powerful, but it’s a 30k-foot view. For vision to become reality, boots have to hit the ground and implement.” – @DeborahWipf


Leaders don't force people to follow. They invite them on a journey.

From the Leadership Board

Bill Hybels – Significant Vision

“Every significant vision God births in you will put your courage to the test.” @BillHybels

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Dave Shrein – Productivity

“The greatest tools to increase productivity are those which actually work for you.” @daveshrein

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Jon Acuff – Beginning and Middle

“Never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.” @jonacuff

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Dave Shrein – Success & Failure

“Someone else’s success doesn’t equal out to your failure. Likewise, someone else’s failure doesn’t equal your success.” @daveshrein

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Dawn Nicole Baldwin

“Pressing send doesn’t mean that we’ve communicated.” – @dawnnicole

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