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Leaders Serve, Part 2


It was an exchange that lasted only a matter of seconds, but the impact has stuck with me ever since. After ordering a drink from a drive-thru, the lady who filled the cup with sweet tea and handed it to me had the biggest smile I had ever seen. In just those few seconds, I experienced a great amount of joy.

Leaders Dream


What dreams have you had that never came to be? For Isaiah Austin, a center from Baylor who had made himself eligible for the 2014 NBA Draft, his dream has been to hear his name called by the commissioner of the NBA, making his entrance into the world’s elite basketball association.

Isaiah will not play in the NBA. He was not be drafted.

Leaders Serve Others


It was late and I was working on my computer focused on the project in front of me. Sondra got home and asked me to pull in the minivan a little further so we could close the garage.

What do you think I did?

Leaders Start


I just spent $400 on an online writing course and the most valuable lesson so far is one that I already knew, but is totally worth $400 to hear again.