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Why Ryan Bilello Launched “The Inside Scope” Podcast

Periscope was first released in March of 2015 and it only took a short while for pockets of communities to spring up around inspirational figures that had never before had a significant platform.

Ryan Bilello launched a podcast in the fall of 2015 specifically to interview these new “Peri-celebrities” and discover more of the story behind each scope.

In this short clip from #dactalk episode 15 Ryan shares what inspired the podcast and why he chose to make a podcast one of his first ventures into the world of online business.

Click the button below to watch the entire interview.

Launching Your Podcast | Episode 15

So, you’d like to start a podcast…now what? In this episode Dave Shrein chats with Ryan Bilello about the practical tools that will help you get your podcast up and running. With their combined experience, their discussion about editing tools, software, and general theory will help you save time and money while launching a successful show.

The Church Website Episode

How to use Google Analytics for your Church Website
The Church Website Episode takes a unique approach to analyzing church websites. Instead of picking sites a part based upon their looks, we look at how the analytics of the site reveal its effectiveness. Often we relegate the “good site” title to only those with shiny outsides… but unless your website is helping you accomplish your goals, it’s just adding to the noise. Come take a look at how your church website can grow.