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Color is Tempting

I’m not going to be buying a 5C to replace my 5 but color sure does make it tempting to be dumb. Anyone else out there have this same disease that I have?

An Arizona Sunset

Sometimes I just can’t get over the beauty of Arizona. The longer I live here to more beautiful it becomes.

Dutch Bros Coffee

If you’ve got a Dutch Bros where you live, you gotta try it!

Family Photo Friday

Isaiah is getting pretty big. All he wants to do now is play in the dirt.

Exciting Shrein Family News

My baby boy Isaiah has some pretty exciting news….

Shrein baby number 2 will be arriving this February!

Happy Labor Day from Heber Arizona!

I usually post on Monday’s and I guess technically I am posting… but if you’re looking for a communications bit, you won’t find it here today… but come back tomorrow for a post all about simple steps to ensure you’re communication is clear and effective. I know this is short, but I tried to make […]