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The Tools I Use

Productivity tool junkies are always on the lookout for the next miracle software! The rest of the world is just looking for that next app that will make one task in their lives easier. While these six tools may not be the exact tool you’re looking for they could provide some insight on what type of tool you’re looking for.

Getting Started on Periscope

Getting started on Periscope may be a daunting task for you, especially if it’s outside of your comfort zone. Success comes with experience, but there are also a few things you can do to ensure your first experience is a success. I’ve put together my top three tips for Getting started on Periscope and they will give you the confidence you need to launch your first broadcast!

Editing Your Periscope Videos on Final Cut Pro X

Looking to create evergreen content that will drive traffic back to your website forever? Taking your Periscope replays and editing them down to their core will help you create rich media that will be watched over and over no matter how long ago you published it.

Start Dreaming Again

We all started out as dreamers. Now, you may find yourself saying, “I guess this is just what I’m meant to do,” as you consider your current lot in life, but it wasn’t always that way. As a child you were a dreamer. You could do anything you wanted and everyone around you thought it was cute. As you grew something changed and suddenly the word “realistic” became vocabulary you heard more often.

It’s time for you and I to get back to what came naturally to us: dreaming.

How to use a conference hashtag on Twitter

You’ve probably seen the # that has been adopted for the conference your attending. In March/April of 2015 the Infusionsoft Icon Conference adopted #ICON15 as their Twitter hashtag and thousands of Tweets ensued.

When you first check out a conference # you may be overwhelmed by the amount of content coming through. Unless you have a predetermined strategy for using Twitter or conference hashtags, knowing what to Tweet is tough.

My Advice for How to Use a Conference Hashtag

You’ll see a lot of retweets, quotes and self-promotion but that’s not what you want to do… at least not if you want to be noticed. To stand out you need to put your own self-interests to the side and begin making your hashtag engagement all about others.

When you see someone who has retweeted something that you appreciate, reply directly to them and say, “wow, I missed this, thanks for sharing it.”

If someone makes a comment on how impactful a certain session was on them ask, “what is the biggest takeaway that you are going to act on?”

People love talking about themselves and the more opportunity you give someone to do that, the more likely that someone will wonder who you are. They’ll navigate to your Twitter bio (so have that completed with picture and all) and then they will move onto your tweet history.

For a Little Bit More on This

All the above is good – but if you want to know which tweets are the best to comment on you need to watch the video. Let’s just say it’s personal.

In the short Periscope video recap I talk about how you can use a conference hashtag to increase your engagement, hashtag presence, follower count and ultimately your influence.

Mondays Suck but They’re Not About You

You probably have good reason for hating Mondays. Many people do. However, could our attitude on Monday reveal more about our character and our outlook on life than we give it credit for? What would it look like if you altered your perspective of why you work and why you are getting up and starting a new week every Monday.

This Periscope video may be exactly the kick in the pants you need to be fired up for Mondays.

Books Young Entrepreneurs Should Be Reading

Reading is the fastest way for anyone to achieve success no matter what field of study or area of life they are looking to grow their expertise in. However, you can’t read mindlessly. Being intentional about what books you choose is just as important as actually reading in and of itself. So what books should the young entrepreneur be seeking out? Check out this Periscope and learn!

You Are the Expert

You are not alone if you experience a lack of confidence when it comes to being the expert on your primary area of interest. It’s something everyone struggles with. The person you look up to the most has most likely struggled with. There is one key thing you need to remember when it comes to being the expert and in this Periscope we’ll address that one key thing.