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We All Have A Special Light

We All Have Special

I believe God gave me a special light. It’s the thing that no one can put their finger on, the spark that draws people. I began noticing this light it at a young age. Early on it showed up when my friends looked to me to make decisions, stopping to listen when I would speak. As I grew older it would the light turned into employers asking me for business advice, adults sharing their troubles and being given more responsibility.

The Pain and Heartache of Leadership

Beth Wolff

Maybe this wasn’t the first time I knew I was a leader, but it was the first time that the repercussions of being a leader sunk in.

I was 18. In a moment of vulnerability, I was telling a respected family friend about how alone I felt in life. While everyone else seemed to have persons to journey along side them, friends that really understood them, I was a magnate for trainees, rookies, and hopeful apprentices. Despite starting relationships with the intention of mutual friendship, they naturally rolled into me as coach.

I was tired of it. But this lament was met with an unexpected response that has changed my perspective on leadership: “Yeah, doesn’t being a leader suck?!” It felt like there was an feeling of ‘maybe you should quit.’

God Saw Something I Didn’t See In Myself


When Did You Realize You Were a Leader?

It’s weird, I never in my life had I imagined myself as a leader. In high school it’s always about who you followed or associated with. It wasn’t until my senior year or shortly thereafter that I started to do my own thing. I saw a future for myself and what was ahead of me. I took charge of who I was and what I was meant to do. What God has planned for me to do.

I remember when I was first hired as an intern at Mountain Park Community Church. Dave (yes, Dave Shrein is my boss) led me through a series of practices that helped me discover what I really wanted to do. I was following Dave. That was the beginning of what was to become my role as leader.

Learning From Those Who Love You


Can anyone resonate with the idea that leadership has been ingrained in them for as long as they remember? That you seem like you have always had the ability and the tools necessary to lead but sometimes you don’t? I completely fall into this category.

Growing up, certain things always came easy to me. I’m not sure if it was my reckless abandon or ADHD (or both) but I seemed pretty apt to be “the first” at things. I was the first to do the monkey bars, first to get 30 stitches in my left knee and first to realize not all girls had cooties (and all before pre-school was over). But just because I was THAT kid, it did not make me a leader.

No One Called Me

No One Called Me, Derek Matthews

When Did You Realize You Were a Leader?

I’ve been a leadership development trainer with Character Quest for about 9 years. One of the benefits of building the company from the ground up was having the opportunity to hand select my team. Since then my team has always turned to me for direction – which is a great feeling right? Being wanted, being needed. That’s leadership right? Wrong, and here’s why.

The day I realized I was a leader was terrifying, yet rewarding.

God Called Twice


When Did You Realize You Were a Leader?

I knew it was time to lead when the same job opportunity came up twice in twelve months. God got my attention when the phone rang the first time, but I declined due to family commitments. The second call was unmistakable, as loud as thunder. God had a plan and I realized I was the person to implement it.

Sixth Grade Stink Bombs

Sixth Grade Stink Bombs, Tim Peters

When Did You Realize You Were a Leader?

I will never forget the day I realized I was a leader. I was a puny 6th grader aiming to break through the miserable puberty phase as fast as possible. Unfortunately, I was attempting the break through at church summer camp!

Back to the point … Several 6th graders (including myself) thought it would be a wise idea to plant ‘stink bombs’ in the senior high cabins.

Making It Happen

Making It Happen, Gerry True

When Did You Realize You Were a Leader?

My best recollection takes me back to a Pizza Hut during my college days. The weekend had come and a dozen or so friends gathered for an evening dinner and lively conversation. And boy was the conversation lively. No one could hear the waitress as she repeatedly returned to take our order. She was patient, but after coming back several times, I could see the frustration in her eyes. So I took charge. While my friends kept up the chatter, I quickly placed the order for the pizza. The conversation didn’t skip a beat and voila, a short while later to the surprise and dismay of my friends, pizza showed up (enter sheepish grin as I excuse myself to wash my hands).