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The #1 Thing You Want on “My Website Homepage”

Your website homepage is cluttered. I don’t even need to look at your website to know that it’s cluttered. You may think that this doesn’t apply to you because your website home page is very simple. It’s true that your website may not be cluttered with content but is it cluttered with competing ideas?

What should I have on my website homepage?

Most online entrepreneurs and individuals looking to make online income use their website to try and communicate everything. Either they will add to their latest idea or shiny object to the homepage or they will replace the last shiny object or idea… never giving any thought whether or now their content is actually helping them achieve their mission.

By putting everything on the homepage, you are compensating for a lack of strategy of getting the right information in front of the right eyes.Click To Tweet

When you throw everything on your homepage, maybe on a rotating banner or series of images, you are trying to make up for a lack of planning in your business. By

By putting everything on the homepage, you are compensating for a lack of strategy of getting the right information in front of the right eyes.Click To Tweet.

Are You Making the #1 Mistake On Your Homepage?

Your website audience is different than your social media audience and different than your email audience. The #1 mistake made on a website homepage is posting content that is not mission critical and assuming that the information is relevant to everyone arriving on your site.

Answering the question “What should be on my website homepage?”

If you haven’t asked “What should be on my website homepage?” now is a good time to start. In this video I go into greater detail covering the issue with throwing everything on your homepage and give a starting point strategy for how to immediately transform your homepage strategy and tips on how to optimize it going forward.

How to Know If Your First Option Is Your Best Choice

You know how important it is to choose the right direction for the growth of your organization. However, you also know that the right direction but for the wrong reasons doesn’t help anything in the long run. In this post you’ll see how one obvious direction for a graphic design project ended up being the best decision – and how the owner of the business was confident spending a lot of money on a sign without having any regret.

How to Launch a Giving Kiosk


Has the thought ever crossed your mind to put an ATM kiosk in your lobby? Instead of giving money out, this machine takes money in. My church considered it… and then we bought one. Our new purchase would provide our members with the option to give using their credit or debit card. The team thought it would be a huge hit and catch on immediately: a year later it failed to give the results we were hoping for.

How to Increase Church Newsletter Subscribers


Email newsletters are something like 1000x more effective than any other type of digital marking. The mere fact that a user has opts in to receive direct marketing messages from you make email newsletters the ideal means of promotion.

While my church has had an email newsletter for many years we have failed to identify the real value that it brings to subscribers. As a result our newsletter subscriber rate has grown at a disproportionate rate to our overall church growth. We’ve fluctuated between 1400 and 1500 for the past 3 years.