Coach Bruce Arians’ and Strong Leadership


As an Arizona Cardinals fan there hasn’t been much to get excited about since 2009. This year we have a new coach, Bruce Arians, and a really fresh look as a team. I haven’t spent much time learning about coach Arians, but I have loved every moment of him praising his team.

There are many leadership styles and personality types and while I’m not advocating one type over another, I would like to point out that coach Arians’ approach is exactly what our team needs.

The following video clip was taken after the Cardinals huge win over the Indianapolis Colts on November 24th.


Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the coach.

Whatever we have to do as a football team to win games, that’s all that matters… It’s not individual statistics, it’s nothing but winning games.

I can’t say that I’m any prouder of a group of guys.

It was a great team win.

I think we’re finally where we need to be… you’re not going to fear us, but you’re gonna respect us.

Notice how he emphasizes team the entire way through, but tactfully gives accolades and appreciation to individual players as part of the overall success of the team.

Take a moment to watch the first 1:26 of this video and see if there is anything you can steal from the coach and implement into your leadership.