Sharing the Love – January 5th

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Have you heard the phrase ‘social fatigue’? Until this week I hadn’t, but after reading Allan Rudnick’s article I know what it is and now I’m aware of the symptoms. It’s a great look at the effects of social media and the pressure we place upon ourselves to keep up with social networking.

Brian Dodd did a lot of work to com pile a list of the top 30 Blogs Christian Leaders Need to Read in 2014. I appreciate posts like this because it isn’t easy to make blanket recommendations. One needs to be familiar with where he or she is sending their audience and after following Brian for some time, I can say, I trust his recommendations.

“Four questions every young leader should answer” along with “Are You Waiting to be Perfect” and the case study of “Target vs Buffer” round out this week’s shares.

A huge thanks to all those who have worked so hard to give away valuable content. It takes a lot of work and I am very grateful to you!