Reporting Website Traffic with Google Analytics

One of my favorite tools for measuring my website analytics is Quicklytics. Quicklytics is an iOS app that has a native interface for both the iPhone and the iPad. If you have Google Analytics installed on your website (and you should), Quicklytics will present all your data in a nice and clean format. It uses minimal colors, minimal text and allows the data to be the star of the app.

Reporting website traffic with Google Analytics is not new and most likely you are already doing this. The one thing that you want out of any third party app for reporting on analytics is for the app to make the stats the star.

I love looking at Google Analytics because I continually want the full picture of my websites impact. I downloaded nearly every Google Analytics App in the iTunes App Store trying to find the perfect app for looking at my Google stats. I spent somewhere between $50-60 on apps trying to find that single app that would work for me. One personal piece that must be appeased on top of the apps funcationality is I have to enjoy the app if I’m going to use it. Quicklytics is enjoyable.

Not everyone uses an iPhone. There are a lot of people using Android phones so there is another great tool that is desktop based but has the same idea of serving up Google Analytics in a very pleasing format.

Get Quicklytics for iOS here (affiliate link).

Another Tool for Reporting Website Traffic

Megalytic is an online service that allows me to send weekly website reports to my clients in a very pleasing format. Delivering website stats is great because it keeps the client informed of how their website is performing online but it also continues to show the value they are getting out of their investment in my services. You can learn more about Megalytic here (affiliate link).

Why This Matters to the Leader

Knowing what resonates with your audience is important because you can lean into what is making impact and move away from what isn’t. It is a unique challenge to create content that is true to who you are but also be willing to look at what messages perpetuate your leadership more than others.

Have you ever used analytics to help guide your website content to connect more deeply?