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Facebook Images – Creating Images for Your Facebook Posts

Do you notice that everyone has stunning Facebook images and you are the one on the outside looking in? Are you exhausted from all the effort it takes just to create one graphic for your Facebook post? Do you feel like you lots of time and money only to hate the way your images look? If yes, then this is for you.

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In this audio clip you will discover a major time saving hack that will help you quickly create stunning Facebook images leaving you with more time to focus on the most important traits of your Facebook content.

3 Traits of Successful Facebook Marketing More Important Than Facebook Images

There are no secrets to Facebook – only best practices and witty hacks. For instance, one of the hacks shared in the post, Facebook for Business – How to Increase Your Organic Reach, helps you increase your organic reach by tagging specific followers in your page post comment section asking them for specific feedback you’d like them to share. Hacks are all over the place and they’re often little mental shifts that work for a short while and then you must evolve.

The three most important traits of successful Facebook content is consistency in posting schedule, consistency in the type of content shared and consistency in the quality of the content. The biggest obstacle to achieving any level of consistency is the same of you as it is for nearly every other online marketer out there: time.

Notice there is one trait missing – Facebook images.

Images are wildly important but if you are going to spend the bulk of your time in one area, the most important area is creating consistent content (schedule, type and quality). Facebook images come in a distant fourth. Yet, still important.

The One Area That All Entrepreneurs Must Avoid Wasting Time In

You do not have time to design new graphics every day. Whether you are a graphic designer or someone who just loves making graphics, taking time to create new designs for every image you need will steal precious moments away from creating truly quality content that increases your organic reach.

Facebook Image Screen Shot - You got this. Reward is coming. Be strong and courageous.

Having one style of image saves you hours and gives you freedom to create with borders that keep you from meandering.

If you want more time to truly invest in building a strong Facebook presence create one design for all your posts and use it over and over. Listen to the SoundCloud clip to discover more on creating Facebook images that you can be proud of and do not take away hours of time to actually create amazing content