The Volunteer Episode

Church Communication Volunteers

This content originally ran on Church Marketing Sucks.

If you’ve had questions about how to recruit and use communication volunteers in your church, this is the podcast episode for you! Phil Bowdle lends his voice and experiences from West Ridge Church in Georgia, sharing from what he has done well and not so well as it relates to volunteers. We also touch on the topic of maintaining healthy relationships between the communication department and the rest of the church staff.

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What’s in This Episode?

  • About the importance of healthy church staff relationships as it pertains to communications.
  • My church is doing Community Questions where we ask people from our church to answer very safe and personal questions.
  • Creating custom landing pages on your website.
  • How Phil Bowdle screwed up volunteers at his church.
  • Developing a core team to develop second layer volunteers.
  • What has worked really well in Dave’s recruiting.
  • Creating job descriptions.
  • Using Sweet Process or other program to create clear run-down of task steps.
  • Where to find volunteers.
  • Appreciating and celebrating your team.
  • 4 Steps To Become More Effective to Bring In Volunteers.