The Periscope Episode

In this episode Dave Shrein chats with Ryan Bilello about networking and live streaming through social media, and how to use those tools to connect with your audience better. For most people networking takes place at events, but Ryan encourages us to expand that to our everyday experiences within social media.

More About This Episode

Often someone will bring an idea or passion to your church, asking for support. These ideas are often good, but might not be good for your church as a whole or align with your mission. Ryan offers thoughts on how your church can share a story that is outside of your church focus without creating a new ministry or just saying “no.” He shares ideas on how to connect people with similar interests and passions through social media, creating a big winning “yes” for everyone involved.

Ryan challenges us to show real stories and not worry about being scripted. The real, honest stories showing the messiness of life is what shares the complete story of who Jesus is and what he’s done for us. Being real is what draws people into your church.

Also in this Episode

  • How can you facilitate connections between people?
  • Stop one way conversations.
  • Learn how Periscope is helping the church.
  • Understand why we as Christians should be using social media.
  • And much more…

Ryan Bilello’s final piece of advice? Don’t worry about being a pro, just start using it! It’s rare to get in on a platform like Periscope when it’s so new. Take advantage of this time with some trial and error.

About Our Guest

Ryan Bilello is from the Milwaukee area and passionately bringing people together through social media. He is an active frontrunner on Periscope, providing nuggets of wisdom to practically put to use daily. Ryan is a goldmine tips to help you improve your social media presence. Besides social media, he’s also a big supporter of foster care and adoption.