You Must Meet Pam


Discovering if a strategy is working isn’t complicated. Just ask your organization’s “fans.” Ask them what they like about your content and what they dislike. You will get first hand feedback of why what you’re doing is or is not effective.

You’ve got to meet Pam and hear her story because she’ll tell you exactly what she wants in an online experience.

Social Media Case Study :: Pam, Part 1

I recently had a conversation with a member of my church and we spoke about how she interacts with social media. She is a key volunteer at our church and the mother of a high school girl in our student ministry. She mentioned she listened to one of our messages online and I asked where, when, etc. We expanded our conversation to all social media.

Pam’s Social Media Use

I use Facebook and Instagram several times a day. I’ve tried Twitter and Pinterest but neither are my favs. I use Facebook for keeping up with friends, family and students. I do use the text messaging feature on Facebook because it can be faster than email. I use Instagram because the picture presentation is simple. My daughter is on Instagram so I started because of her. Several of the girls from the student group are on Instagram so I follow it to stay connected with them.

What this tells us: This should sound familiar. It’s the primary reason Facebook and Instagram are social kingpins. One thing stands out… this mom also leads a group of middle school girls and she uses social media to follow their stories and stay connected with these girls she is investing in.

The Value of Social Media in Pam’s Life

I follow some of my favorite stores to learn about sales and new products. I also follow people who share inspirational quotes, stories and messages. I have favorite singers and dancers from reality TV shows so I follow those shows too. I do follow Mountain Park.

What this tells us: Her exact words were “I follow SOME of my favorite stores.” This is a reminder that just because a user has given you permission to show up on their feed doesn’t mean that anything you post is welcomed. Many users limit the brands they follow to those which they have a deep connection to and their content strengthens that connection.

Engaging with Content from Pam’s Church

I like to see what’s going on at church. I especially like the quotes that are shared from the Sunday messages. Those quotes help me remember what we learned and to stay focused on positive things during the week. I do get tired of seeing the same types of pictures from week to week. The auditorium wide shots and the youth group room. I like variety in the pictures, those in the pictures and what they are doing in the pictures.

It takes a lot of people to make Sunday morning happen… take pictures of them! Keep it fresh, especially on Instagram.

Pay attention to those who are following you on FB and Instagram… they would be tickled to see themselves show up somehow!

Pictures of volunteers, midweek gatherings, yoga events, women’s events. Candid shots. It’s important to focus what goes on during the week.

What this tells us: THIS FEEDBACK IS GOLDEN! She gives a detailed social media content strategy. I manage our social media and could take this personally. I don’t because I know she’s right… she’s the user. If you give passionate users an opportunity to tell you how they would like to connect with your brand, they will give you great feedback. Be ready to listen and have plenty of ink to write it all down.


What is preventing you from getting more direct feedback from your users? Is it pride? Shut pride down… pride sucks and will ruin your role. Is it laziness? You can’t afford to be lazy. Your mission is too critical.

How can you, today, make a plan for engaging your users and get their direct feedback on how they are engaging with your communication?

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