What to Do When No One Is Buying What You’re Selling Online

It is incredibly frustrating when no one is buying what you’re selling online. You have packaged your expertise into a high value online product and the world around you doesn’t seem to care one bit.

And if not selling the product wasn’t enough to frustrate you – you’re thinking about all the work you did:

  • Creating the webpage.
  • Setting up your shopping cart.
  • Creating a membership site.
  • Designing resources.
  • Creating a sales page.
  • Creating a thank you page.
  • Buying your video conference software.
  • Paying for your email provider.

When no one buys your offer you feel defeated and it’s an emotion that is difficult to overcome.

So what should you actually do when no one is buying that offer you’re selling online?

You’re Not Perfect, So Perfect Your Offer

When you have worked so hard putting together an offer it’s tough to say, “Well, maybe the offer sucks.” The truth is, your offer might be great but there is obviously a disconnect if no one is buying your offer. Seriously… if no one is buying you are missing something somewhere.

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Here are a few questions to ask about your offer that may help you discover if your offer what needs perfecting.

  • Do I have a target audience and is this offer for them?
  • Is this offer a response to what my target audience has asked me for?
  • Is this offer something my target audience needs but hasn’t asked for?
    • If yes, have I used their own words to articulate the benefits of the offer?
  • Have I priced my offer too low and it appears too good to be true?
  • Have I priced my offer too high that the cost outweighs the perceived benefits?
    • “Make $1000 in 30 days” and you’re selling for $2000?
  • Am I highlighting the features and details more than the benefits of transformation?
  • Did I beta test my offer with anyone before putting it together?

The truth is you are not perfect and the chances of creating a perfect offer are very slim. As hard as it might be to hear, if no one is buying your offer, something is wrong with your offer. Get very serious about these questions above and seek out help from peers to who will help mold your offer into a perfect offer!

No One Buys Because No One Knows

Usually the first response you’ll have when you hear the phrase, “no one is buying your offer because no one knows about your offer,” is to start your next sentence with, “but I.”

It’s true, as much as you have Tweeted, posted, live streamed, emailed and hired planes to skywrite your offer in the clouds, no one knows about your offer.

When you are in the middle of launching an offer everything you do must directly promote that offer. Like it or not, you have to become a salesman 24/7. If you stop selling, your audience will not be buying.

If you have not strategically put together a brand strategy outlining how everything you do supports your offer, you should not be surprised when your offer does not sell.

No One Buys Because You Gave Up Selling that Offer

You won’t say you gave up, but that’s what entrepreneurs do. Not in the conventional sense of, “oh, whoa is me, I’m going to quit!” but more along the lines of, “okay, that didn’t work so I’ll try this offer.”

Not all entrepreneurs are alike, but a thread that runs through nearly all entrepreneurs is the thread of new ideas. At any given time you’ll have ten ideas, all valid and showing potential. When the offer you’re working on now doesn’t pan out you shift your attention to developing the next idea.

You have put in months working on your offer and after two weeks you gave up on selling your offer. This isn’t how you see it until you hear it articulated this way – and all of the sudden you realize that’s what you’ve been doing.

Stick with your offer and continue to sell it. Tout all the benefits and teach the content through every communication outlet at your disposal. Don’t give your audience the opportunity to forget about your offer.

Someone is probably interested but can’t act (or isn’t accustomed to acting) within the first week of hearing about your offer. Don’t let them off the hook. Keep putting the transformation proposition in front of them and compel them to act.

No One Buys Your Offer Because Your Copywriting Sucks

There is really no other way to say it other than to just come out and say your copywriting sucks. If you consider yourself a great copywriter, this may be hard to hear but do not ignore it. As much as you may be gifted writing copy for others, there is something preventing even the best of us from being able to do top work on our own behalf. You are so close to your offer that your insider knowledge prevents you from writing compelling copy that conveys the value to readers.

The other side of the coin is you’re not good at sales copy and you know it. So there is one question to ask: did you hire someone who is gifted at writing copy to put together your sales page?

Your sales copy will make a very big impact on your actual sales. Make sure you invest in your sales copy even if it means hiring a copywriter for a few hundred dollars to craft copy that converts.

No One Buys Your Offer Because You’re Relying On Them to Take Action

If no one is buying your offer it could be because you’re putting the burden of purchasing on them. Folks will not choose to make the purchase on their own. You need to coach them through the purchase. Facilitate a phone call with serious buyers to answer any questions and neutralize objections. Give them incentive to purchase from you while they’re on the phone.

If you can’t facilitate a phone call, start setting up webinars to teach about something related to your offer and then make the offer at the end of the webinar – that is the perfect opportunity to answer questions and learn what objections exist that are preventing people from taking you up on your “too-good-to-be-true” offer.

If your offer is good and the value outweighs the price point you should have no problem advocating on their behalf for your offer. If you’re unsure of your offer and not comfortable “pushing it” on someone, you may not have the right offer. If you can 100% guarantee your offer with 100% money back (even if it means giving them money back after they’ve gotten the value out of your offer), that will be a huge motivating factor in driving sales. If you can’t guarantee it, the next question is why?

Don’t Give Up on Your Offer, Don’t Give Up On Yourself

If you’ve never made an offer before and you’re frustrated by lack of sales for your first offer, let me be quite blunt with you…

What did you expect?

No one rides a two wheel bike perfectly the first time they try! There are falls. Scrapes. Bumps. Bruises. Frustrations. You are going to experience all of these when you make your first offer. Don’t give up. Get educated.

The chain leading to a successful online platform has so many links that it is going to take some time to make sure each link is strong. Here are three links to evaluate in conjunction with the items above.

  • You have a specific audience that you are targeting (you’re not for everyone).
  • You have branded yourself through your words, your images, your colors, your fonts… you make it easy for others to recognize your work.
  • You are using communication and social media platforms that are a win for you.
    • Example: Live streaming video is hard. Very few people are actually good at being on camera for 15-20 minutes straight. Chances are if you’re investing a lot of time into live streaming and you’re not seeing any type of growth it is safe to say that you’re not good at live streaming. Either get training to get better at it or move on to something else.

You are gifted. You have a message that will change lives. Keep going because if you give up the person desperately needing your message will forever be wandering in the wilderness waiting for a guide that will never come.