Maximizing the Reach of Your Website Homepage and Visitor Response

Your website homepage is often relegated from communication resource to a dumping ground. Rather than looking at how your website homepage can be the starting point for a journey, you use it as a catch all for content you see as important or content you are excited about. The website homepage dumping ground problem arises when you do not contemplate what eyes, whose eyes are looking at your website.

Your Website Homepage Audience is Unique

Your web audience is different than your social media audience and your social media audience is different than your email audience. Asking yourself, “Who is it that is visiting my website homepage and why are they here?” is one way to begin identifying whose eyes are on your content. However, even identifying eyes is not enough. There is one more step you need to take into consideration.

Your communication becomes jumbled and unclear when you fail to recognize what is mission critical for your online business. What do you do that allows your organization to exist and pursue your large scale vision for today, tomorrow and 5 years down the road? Whatever that answer is – that’s what belongs on your website home page. How this actually looks can vary but the idea stays the same.

Catering Your Website Homepage Message for Your Homepage Audience

After you identifying that ONE THING that keeps your business running, identify which eyes (new eyes, old eyes, committed eyes, curious eyes, uninterested eyes) are on which platform and cater the ONE MESSAGE to that set of eyes.

In this short Periscope video, I break down this problem step by step and give you a simple tactic to employ as you develop a well thought out strategy.

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