Leaders Serve, Part 2


It was an exchange that lasted only a matter of seconds, but the impact has stuck with me ever since. After ordering a drink from a drive-thru, the lady who filled the cup with sweet tea and handed it to me had the biggest smile I had ever seen. In just those few seconds I experienced a great amount of joy.

Though I paid for my drink, I was not entitled to anything other than liquid in a cup. This woman SERVED me. Yes, she’s getting paid by her employer. Yes, she’s just doing her job, but that doesn’t mean she has to do it with a servant’s heart. She served me joy and imparted to me a level of respect and dignity.

Do not take for granted the moments in life when others genuinely serve you. Try to distinguish service from serving as best you can. Accept their sacrifice as a blessing and do what you can to show appreciation.

To be served by another is one of life’s greatest treasures. However, the blessing of being served is always second to the blessing of serving.

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  1. Soji Fagade
    Soji Fagade says:

    Really good post. Love it. The little things we take for granted, appreciation for good service, a little smile, a little hello to genuinely find out how a person is feeling, you just never know how much a difference these little things make to the other person’s day.

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