Leaders Serve Others


It was late and I was working on my computer, focused on the project in front of me. Sondra got home and asked me to pull in the minivan a little further so we could close the garage.

What do you think I did?

Every morning for a stretch of several months I would wake up before Sondra and have her coffee in the Keurig, ready to go. The second she wanted coffee, I’d push the button and within moments it’d be ready. It was a small gesture, but it meant a lot to her because she had been waking up multiple times each night with Isaac. The mornings really were tough on her during that stretch.

I didn’t think twice about getting the coffee ready. It is a pleasure to server her and honor her. It was a small gesture that would show I valued her and the work that she does for our family. Plus, I knew it meant a lot to her.

So now back to the minivan story. What do you think I did?

I got upset.

I was upset she asked me to do something that I perceived she could have done herself. To interrupt me in the middle of a project I was focused on seemed silly and I reacted accordingly.

I was wrong.

To move the van would be a small gesture and I know small gestures mean a lot to her. Just like the coffee, it should always come as a pleasure to serve and honor her requests, no matter what they are.

After 40 minutes of standoff (you know what I’m talking about), I went to her and apologized for not serving her. I told her that I consider it a privilege to serve her and that I didn’t demonstrate that.

She forgave me.

Just as the Lord Jesus laid down his life, so we ought to seek every opportunity to lay down ours to those whom he loves.

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  1. Meiko Seymour
    Meiko Seymour says:

    I think my favorite part and biggest lesson was that you went back and apologize. Sometimes I feel we fail at that as leaders.

    • Dave Shrein
      Dave Shrein says:

      Meiko, you said it. That was the hardest part, for sure. Sucking it up and laying down your pride is toughest in these situations.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

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