Identifying Communication Roadblocks

It is never the responsibility of a worship leader, pastor, teacher, etc. to make sure that those under their influence meet with the Holy Spirit. The notion a person can control whether or not another has an encounter with God is insane. That’s God’s role.

The true responsibility of these individuals is to create an environment where the Holy Spirit can move. Removing roadblocks and distractions from a potential encounters with Jesus.

Church communicators have the same responsibility. Our ultimate effort should be to create an environment where God can speak. The church is unique in that it is a collection of individuals from so many different walks a life. Creative types, analytical types and just about everything else in between. Roadblocks to the Gospel are unique to the individual so we must be on the lookout for all of them.

Roadblocks to Look For

Here are some easy roadblocks to identify and correct.

  • Is your text and grammar correct in all of your publishing?
  • Does the artwork you use for purpose look as though you’ve put time, effort and thought into it?
  • Do your Sunday morning lyrics match what the leader is singing? Does the leader know if they do not?
  • In print publications, are you achieving straight lines and even margins?
  • In print publications, are you achieving accurate colors for individual images?
  • When a print piece is being used for online purposes, are you converting from CMYK to RGB?
  • Is your social media content in alignment with the rest of your communication? And distributed in a timely manner?

These few suggestions might seem minor.

Let’s say a new English teacher attends for the first time on Sunday and he reads your program. He is wired to look for mistakes and errors. Lack of thought and grammatical integrity communicates something along the lines of: we don’t care about this. Instead of removing a road block you have just inserted a giant road block that could potentially alter this teachers entire Sunday morning experience.

Of course there is grace for error but the ultimate goal should be intentionality to realize our responsibilities have real world impact… let’s impact the world in a positive way!

What are some other roadblocks to the Gospel that you consistently look for?