Using Google Analytics to Help You Look Good

Megalytic is a custom analytic reporting tool that allows you to automate delivery of regular reports to decisions makers using their email address.

Profiled Resource: Megalytic – See It Here

I know that sounds boring so before I lose you… here’s why this is important.

You and I understand the importance of online communication. We understand the connection between our website, social media and physical locations. Many senior leaders do not.

Help Your Boss Understand By Using Their Language

A tool like Megalytic allows you to speak the language of a senior leader and deliver regular wins to their inbox in an automated fashion. So… if a leader values the number of views or listens to a presentation they gave which is posted online, you can setup a custom report in Megalytic to show that leader the following:

  • This is how many visits came to your presentation this week
  • Of the total number of visits, this is how many came from a social network
  • Out of the total number of visits from social network name to your presentation, this is how many of them had never visited our website before.

I hope you can see the thought progression there. Here’s the thing that sets Megalytic a part from, say the built in Google email reporting feature: you can customize multiple reports to then email to multiple people and white label all of them.

White labeling is the practice of removing all of a third party branding and brand it with your assets or a client’s assets. This is very important because it builds your authority in the eyes of a decision maker. You are not providing someone else’s report, you are providing a report that you designed and customized yourself.

You can see a very basic white labeled report here (link is good until October 29th).

The Cost of Beautified Analytic Reporting

Lastly, Megalytic is affordable. When you look at their pricing page, DO NOT be scared away by the higher priced plans. For agencies like mine, Shrein Media, providing these customized reports is a service I offer my clients which is part of their monthly service agreement. Meaning, they pay me and I pay to use Megalytic.

While you MAY need a larger scale package, my guess is you would benefit from the Basic package which is only $4.99 a month. This will give you 2 connections which you could use for Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. This is enough for you to report on your organization.

To put this in perspective, here are several other tools I’ve explored and their basic plan pricing.

  • Chartio – $495/mo
  • Ducksboard – $16/mo
  • SEO Profiler – $49/mo
  • DashThis – $39/mo
  • Measureful – $49/mo

As you can see $4.99 a month for an entry level account is well below the competition. I would encourage you to check it out.

Getting Started with Megalytic

If you decide to try out Megalytic (14-Day Free Trial) you can immediately start out using their pre-built templates. As you decide more and more what you want out of analytics (the main point of my conversation with AJ) you can customize what stats are reported and how they are described on the report.