You’ll Always Find Encouragement Here


During 2013 I’ve received several amazing emails of encouragement and affirmation from friends, family members, teammates and others. Two messages in particular, one from our senior pastor and one from a key volunteer, were especially meaningful. They were not only encouraging, but affirming of specific areas that I am passionate about and have demonstrated great strength in.

Though encouraging notes don’t find their way to me often, when I do receive them I put them where I can see them; Where I can be reminded that the work I do matters. They remind me to recognize that the impact God has in my life is impacting the lives of others. These notes affirm that I am leaning into God’s will for my life.

During difficult times, and they will come like a freaking hurricane, these notes will provide the encouragement both you and I will need to keep moving.

Remember, you are not a failure. You are not a disappointment. You are a child of God. Over and over he has given you confirmation that where you are is where he wants you.

Keep these things close and you will constantly receive encouragement in all you do.