How to Be An Effective Leader When You’re Running On Empty

When life is is dominated by “have-tos” it is easy to believe there is no time for “want-tos.” Powering through our work projects to “get it done” is a mandate and we believe fun will have to wait. When we pour ourselves out to the point of emptiness we lose our effectiveness. When we burn out we are good for nothing and good for no one. When pouring ourselves out it is vital that we lean into those things which give us energy.

Filled and Restored

The Aposte Paul talks about being filled to the point of overflowing. When we examine the life of Jesus, during his most draining experiences we find that he retreats to be filled. Time with the father and time with his friends, the disciples, renew and restore his soul and enable him to carry on.

Permission to Relax

When life hits and busyness is inevitabe you have permission to find joy to fill your cup so you can continue to give. If you are energized by golf, go golfing. If you find strength in reading, then read. If a movie theater experience invigorates you, go to the cinema. Do not believe that as you pour yourself out for the sake of others that you are immune to the effects of being empty.

How to Prepare

Make a list of your greatest stressers so as to be aware when they are coming your way. Follow that list by making a list of your greatest stress relievers so as to know where to start when stress hits. Make the list somewhere you can easily access it and where it won’t get trashed. Evernote, bulletin board, word document… doesn’t matter where you make it, what matters is that you do make it and have it accessible!

When life is it’s most stressful introduce more of whatever it is that relieves your stress and allows you to be at your best.