How Often Should I Post on Social Media

If you’re unfamiliar with the term of content marketing, it is the concept of using story and high value content to market your products or service. An example of content marketing would be creating a page on your website to market a particular product but rather than touting the accolades of the product or brand, a content marketer would tell a story to help customers see the value through a real life story.

One question that surrounds content marketing is, “how often should I post?” In this instance, post refers to making a new piece of valuable content available online. It could be posting through social media or just posting on your website’s blog. However, the question of how often is misguided. There is one trait that, if your company can adopt and maintain, will set you a part from your competition and will guarantee your content will be shared (already assuming the content has value to a customer).

In the short video above, uncover this important single characteristic which will take your content marketing strategy from average to blowing expectations out of the water over the long haul.

Take a moment and leave a comment sharing your thoughts on posting schedules or editorial calendars. How do you current manage your posting schedule to ensure you remain consistent?