How a Church Can Communicate Mother’s Day

There isn’t a whole lot my church needs to communicate about Mother’s Day. At least not as it pertains to “church information.” However, Mother’s Day is a secular culture event that is nation-wide, and in some cases, global-wide. It is the perfect opportunity for my church to catch the eye of folks on social media. More importantly, it is an opportunity to direct attention to our mission statement of “inviting the distracted and disinterested to realize their role in God’s story.”

Where Did Our Team Start?

On the Tuesday after Easter I sat down, along with the two other people from our creative communications team, and together we spent 2 hours surfing the internet for memes and fun Mother’s Day content. We have a task setup in our task management system, Flow, to collect all ideas and suggested content.

Where Do We Go Next?

On Tuesday, two weeks before Mother’s Day, we will sit down and talk out how we can use what we’ve found to line up with our values as a church (focusing in on the value of fun yet intentional) and ultimately point to our mission of people realizing their role in God’s story.