Why This Post Was Effective

You can post massive amounts of content on various social networks and receive very little, if any feedback. Truthfully, a lot of times content can be effective even if you don’t see the obvious signs of ROI. Very quickly I will breakdown why this post was effective content. Click the Image to the left to […]

How to Be An Effective Leader When You’re Running On Empty

When life is is dominated by “have-tos” it is easy to believe there is no time for “want-tos.” Powering through our work projects to “get it done” is a mandate and we believe fun will have to wait. When we pour ourselves out to the point of emptiness we lose our effectiveness. When we burn […]

Effortlessly Creating Social Media Content

For years I have been using my iPhone to manage my church’s social media profiles. Adding links, quotes, pictures, videos, etc. is made easier by using the convenience of a smart phone. The Problem I can’t count the number of times I posted something for my church on my personal profile, or more importantly, something […]

3 Problems when Building a Communication Team

Event driven ministry provides nearly all church teams a common gathering place or a “rally point” as I like to call it. During these events (Sunday Services, Wednesday youth events, etc.) a leader can inspire, encourage and cast the big picture to the rest of their team. Volunteers love being a part of a team […]