Happy Father’s Day, Dad

So, my dad wasn’t in many of our home videos because he was often the man behind the camera.

In 2011 I took all of our home videos and put them together in highlight reals. This is one of my favorite and it’s one where my dad makes more appearances than in any other tape – except for the 1987 Christmas, but Sarah wasn’t born yet so we’re using this one.

My dad is a first generation Christian and a man who shot our family light years beyond where we would have been without Christ. I know not everyone who sees this will be a Jesus follower, and that’s okay. What I hope you know is that my dad’s heart was changed and forever put our family on a course that now impacts my relationship with my wife and my relationship with my two boys. It impacts my brother John and his relationship with his wife Julia and his daughter Lacey. It impacts my brother Stephen and his relationship with his wife Kelly, their daughter Charlotte and their baby-to-be. It impacts my sister Sarah and her relationship with her husband Joe and the children that God will place in their protection in the years to come.

On the day I got fired I called my dad, in tears, and asked him if he was proud of me. He said, “you know I’m proud of you.” Through sobbing I asked him, “what are you proud of?” He said, “You’re a great dad, you’re a great husband, you work hard… there’s nothing I’m not proud of.” That is my favorite memory of being your son, dad. I will remember that moment forever.

Happy Father's Day to every biological dad, adoptive dad, foster dad, pseudo dad, dad in spirit, dad in memory, first…

Posted by David M Shrein on Sunday, June 21, 2015