Forgiving Your Father for Attempted Murder

Kitty Chappell's Book, Soaring Above the Ashes On the Wings of Forgiveness

Would you have the boldness to forgive your father for attempting to murder your mother? That is the story of Kitty Chappell.

True leadership requires boldness to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Leadership is not about grudges, power and sticking it to another, rather, it’s about service, example and sacrifice. To go to the most difficult places of life, conquer fear and lead the way for others. Wow. Gives me goosebumps.

Everyone has been hurt by someone! Kitty Chappell’s story is extraordinary not because of its anguish, but because against all logic, she has emerged whole. There are millions of survivors—but few overcomers. This book is about overcoming.

Kitty recently appeared on my good friend, Diane Markins’ radio show and wrote a short summary of her book. You can read the summary and listen to the interview here. Her book, Soaring Above the Ashes on the Wings of Forgiveness is available to purchase on Amazon.