Facebook Insults Every Business Owner on Facebook

Facebook Patronizes Business

I have to believe that Facebook knew what it was a s-storm it was starting with its recent “Interested in growing your business using Facebook” ad. In every article posted about doing business on Facebook people are happy with how Facebook has changed the way it delivers content created by pages to fan news feeds. Yet, it didn’t stop Facebook from sending out an ad to businesses promoting how they can help businesses grow.

By virtue of ignoring businesses concerns and blasting business owners with an ad to spend more money on Facebook, the social media giant insulted the intelligence of its entire small business community.

This is the equivalent of walking out of a restaurant after a terrible experience and the manager asking you to promote their location to all your friends and family. Bass Ackwards.

The message here: listen. Facebook proved to everyone that they are not listening to customers. They have millions of business owners who want to use their platform yet Facebook doesn’t listen to their concerns and try to come up with a new monetization strategy. This will be their demise if they continue to ignore business customer’s concerns.

Check out the post below. All the comments I read leaned toward the same theme: Facebook, you’re the one preventing us from growing our businesses on Facebook.