The Enfold Theme for WordPress

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If you’re like all the other solopreneurs and entrepreneurs out there you have big dreams for your website. You buy hosting (more on that here), you install WordPress and you discover very quickly that you’re going to want to swap out themes because the default theme just isn’t cutting it.

You download a theme, activate it, play around with it and then delete it. Repeat this cycle five, ten, fifteen times and still you haven’t found a theme that gives you the flexibility you want with the ease of use you need.

Enter the Enfold Theme.

Enfold is one of the top selling premium themes on and for good reason. Enfold employs the Kriesi Avia Advanced Layout Builder which brings simple drag and drop functionality to each page allowing you to design nearly any style of page you’d like.

My company, Shrein Media, has built over 40 websites in the last 20 months using the Enfold Theme. Our clients participate in a wide range of industries from medical to religious to the food industry. This video demonstrates the flexibility in design you can achieve in your website using Enfold as well as how the theme looks and feels on the back end. You’ll discover that you don’t need to be a WordPress genius to have a website that becomes the envy of all your peers.

Click the link below to give Enfold a try using my affiliate code.