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should i use a case for my iphone or a screen protector

I bought an iPhone 6. Not trying to brag, just stating a fact (*wink, wink). I love me some Apple products, but unlike my co-Apple (almost) fan boys, I refuse to let my phone fly naked.

The Argument Against Dressing Your iPhone

Many folks who purchase an iPhone spend top dollar for the latest and greatest and the last thing they want to do is place it in a bulky case or cover up the screen that Apple goes to great measures to perfect. An iPhone is not just a phone, it’s a designer accessory and to cover it up with plastic or rubber or wood or any other material is to take away the essence of the device at it’s core level.

Leaving your iPhone naked ensures that you get the full experience as it was meant to be had. Covering up any single part is altering Apple’s original experience intent.

The Argument For Dressing Your iPhone (and why I do it)

One of the greatest moments of owning an Apple iPhone is the moment you take it out of the box. No fingerprints, no smudges, no scratches – it is in perfect condition.

But it doesn’t last.

Especially if you have kids.

Dressing up your iPhone with a case and screen protector prolongs the device’s usefulness and condition. Yes, you cover up the Apple manufacturing, but you also preserve the device in it’s natural state. It’s like placing a baseball card in a plastic case. The plastic separates you from the actual item, but you’re able to enjoy it for much longer because of it’s preservation.

At the end of your time with your phone you have the option to keep it, sell it, trade it or pass it on… and the phone will (presumably) be in perfect, mint condition. Dressing up your iPhone may take away from the experience but it maximizes the iPhone’s value.

How I Dress My iPhone

I have taken the approach of trying to have the best of both worlds. The moment I purchased my iPhone 6 from Radio Shack in the mall I took the device to the Zagg kiosk and had them install the Zagg Invisible Shield Glass. The installation took approximately 10 minutes and during that time I walked downstairs to the Apple Store and purchased the red Apple iPhone 6 Leather Case.

Zagg makes an incredible product and they treat their customers like royalty. A great product with a great customer service earns my business every time. I went with the glass protector because it is the most seamless experience. I rarely even notice the glass is there, if at all. The Zagg team does a great job of installing the material so the protector is perfectly straight and contains zero lint or dust underneath. I get the closest thing possible to the true experience.

I chose the Apple iPhone 6 Leather Case for two reasons. First, the product is Apple made meaning it is the case Apple designed to be paired with the iPhone 6. The second reason, which is tied in with the first, is that the case preserves the slim profile while protecting the phone against the six or seven times I’ve dropped it. It’s a great case and I consider it a part of the phone.

Make Your Own Decision

My brother-in-law and I had a conversation earlier today where he asked me why I used what I used. I shared with him my reasons, but ultimately the choice is his. I know him well and I know that if he got a nick on the casing, he’d freak out. Seriously, if he nicked it, he wouldn’t be able to check the time without noticing it. So I said, “You gotta get a case on that, bro.”

Yes, this is a #FirstWorldProblem type post, but it’s one that I enjoy writing about. Decide for yourself what is best for your situation. For me, I got over all the reasons why I wouldn’t use a case a long time ago. Perhaps selling my old iPhone for top dollar every time has helped with that.

Make a decision on how you’ll feel about the condition of your phone in 16 months and go from there. There is no wrong way to treat your iPhone as long as you enjoy it… and you’d better cause it’s freaking expensive.

Do you keep your phone naked or do you dress it up?

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  1. garrettgf
    garrettgf says:

    Currently using the iPhone 6+ protected by the incipio black plastic/silicone case with a glass screen protector Id rather scratch and destroy a case and screen protector than the device itself.

  2. Diane Markins
    Diane Markins says:

    I still have iPhone 5 so out of shame for not being as cool as all you 6 people I will keep it hidden. 🙂 Either way, I’m a believer in protection. I want it to not look like a car that’s been repeatedly dinged in the parking lot of Whole Foods.

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