Do You Posses the Courage Necessary to Lead?

What kind of courage does a leader need to posses

Leadership is, in large part, the willingness to go where very few would choose to go – if given a choice. For instance, many don’t find it difficult to travel down the road of backing down from their boss or not speaking up altogether. In contrast, respectfully disagreeing with your boss is much more difficult. The uncertainty of how they might respond to disagreement is often terrifying.

Leadership requires a courage. Courage will allow you to challenge the status quo and challenge your team and organization to heights of invention and innovation.

No matter if you love Amazon or believe it is evil like Walmart, the leadership principles they adhere to serve as a very intense litmus test when answering the question, “am I leader?” To be a leader at Amazon requires great courage… courage that few will every realize is within them.

Amazon’s Leadership Principles

I invite you to read and be convicted of your own leadership qualities.