Create a Wiki for Your Organization

Every day we experience just how fantastic it is to publish content to our websites to communicate with our church congregations. So amazing, in fact, that I would like to ask why not use the internet for communicating information to your church staff or company staff?

Let’s create an organization wiki… what a novel idea.

At my previous church I built a website to serve as the central hub for staff to have access to everything they might need. Here is a quick run down of what I made available in this church staff website.

What’s In the Wiki?

  • Bookmarks to all online services we used including Google Apps, Planning Center and our room scheduler
  • Links to communication forms, expense forms, along with other types of request forms
  • Best Practices for sending mass mailing through the church’s ChMS
  • Tutorials for everyday tasks and actions – as well as special tasks or actions
  • Print and brand guidelines as wells as download links to style guides and official logos in all major file types
  • Copy from past web content to be used for future web content (to prevent us from having to continue to recreate creative copy)

Having a centralized staff website is helpful because it eliminates the need for staff to search or email when they need answers to common questions.

How could something like a staff wiki be beneficial for your organization?