“We don’t care who teaches the message as long as the message is being taught.”

Chris Brown – Teach the Message

“We don’t care who teaches the message as long as the message is being taught.” @_chris_brown

  1. Chris Gonzalez
    Chris Gonzalez says:

    Really good stuff bro. Thanks for being honest about where you struggle. (Especially being bold enough to publicly confess that you are a dude who enjoys the mall!). Seriously though, I think this is something ever pastor struggles with.

    But what is the answer? Trying harder to not compare myself to others doesn’t seem to work.

    • Dave Shrein
      Dave Shrein says:

      Thanks Chris. 

      One extreme might be to ignore those who you compare yourself with, but that’s probably not the best answer.

      To me it seems the answer is walking with Jesus, though that walk pertains to beating the comparison trap might manifest itself differently for each person.

      For me, I just keep reminding myself every day that Christ died for me when I was wearing old navy jeans. I also take time everyday to remind myself that my worth & my value comes from what Jesus did for me. 

      Also, praying for those who I’ve compared myself to helps as well. It reminds me that they need Jesus like I do and we’re on the same team, we just might bring different talents to the table.

  2. Nneiberg76
    Nneiberg76 says:

    Good stuff. But you could still shave off the soul patch 🙂
    Thanks to Debra for sharing. “Aunt Nora”

  3. farlema
    farlema says:

    How refreshing and freeing! When in the bonds of self will and feeling the need to compare ourselves to others, let’s stop, take a moment, pray, and compare ourselves to Jesus!