CertLab with Jenny Rain

Church Communication Director - Jenny Rain
In just over two weeks I will be joining other communicators in Lake Forest, California at Saddleback Church for a two-day interactive and intensive communication lab. The Church Marketing Podcast I host is part of a larger organization called the Center for Church Communication and on October 13-14 I am participating in the CFCC Certification Lab.

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The CertLab (as it is affectionately nicknamed) is focused on encouraging communication directors from churches of all sizes to come and share their concerns, challenges and successes in order to learn and take back what they learn to their churches. After spending several years as a full time church communication director I can attest to the encouragement you experience when you find other folks doing the same thing you’re doing, facing the same challenges and feeling as ill-equipped as you feel.

To help promote the CertLab, I spent some time talking with Jenny Rain, the Communication Director at National Commity Church in Washington, D.C. and a past CertLab participant. I had been wanting to talk with Jenny for quite a while and this was the perfect opportunity! We got into challenges, successes, questions, experiences and all sorts of other good communication goodness.

If you’re into any kind of non-profit or church communication role, you should consider attending. Either way, the interview is good and Jenny drops some major knowledge that we all can learn from!