Asana, My Project Management System

Asana Review | A Team Management and Collaboration Tool
I have been using Asana since July. I tried six or seven various task management systems and Asana is the only one that met all my requirements. The two major requirements had to do with making my life easier and saving money. Asana to the rescue.

I feel good when I’m using Asana and I think you will too! Check out my Asana review.

Managing Passwords and Accounts for Clients

When it comes to managing social media accounts (or really, any account) for an organization, there is one order of business that is PARAMOUNT. This one thing will allow you to be ready for any addition, subtraction or change to your team.

Boring, unexciting and paramount…. What might it be?

It’s something I call a Master Accounts.

Vintage Cameras

How to Take Photos and Make Them Look Professional

In all our communication I use real photos WHENEVER POSSIBLE. Stock photos are expensive and do not represent your organization accurately but taking real pictures can be tough because unless you’re a professional photographer, quality can suffer. I have discovered a way to avoid stock photos and bridge the gap between my photo skills and that of a photographer. It’s easier than you might think.