Books Young Entrepreneurs Should Be Reading

Reading is the fastest way for anyone to achieve success no matter what field of study or area of life they are looking to grow their expertise in. However, you can’t read mindlessly. Being intentional about what books you choose is just as important as actually reading in and of itself. So what books should the young entrepreneur be seeking out? Check out this Periscope and learn!

revenue streams for online platform builders

The Seven Revenue Streams Entrepreneurs Should Know and Love

When you finally decide to launch your dream of becoming an online business owner it almost certainly always starts with a blog. After you answer the question of, “how do I start a blog?” you quickly move to the question of, “how do I monetize my blog?”

You Are the Expert

You are not alone if you experience a lack of confidence when it comes to being the expert on your primary area of interest. It’s something everyone struggles with. The person you look up to the most has most likely struggled with. There is one key thing you need to remember when it comes to being the expert and in this Periscope we’ll address that one key thing.

How to Know If Your First Option Is Your Best Choice

You know how important it is to choose the right direction for the growth of your organization. However, you also know that the right direction but for the wrong reasons doesn’t help anything in the long run. In this post you’ll see how one obvious direction for a graphic design project ended up being the best decision – and how the owner of the business was confident spending a lot of money on a sign without having any regret.

Move Closer to Your Dream

move closer to your dream

Do you think about what it takes to move closer to your dream? There aren’t many sources of encouragement in our lives that say, “you can do this!” so leaders must be intentional about making their own steps! How will you move closer to your dream today?

How to Make Time for Yourself

If you ever want time to focus on personal growth, recreation, amusement, rest or any other personal development initiative, there is one very simple tactic that you can try. It is so simple and makes complete sense, yet it feels so weird when you do it for the first time!