Creating Sunday Content

Creating Quality Content this Sunday

Generating quality social media content doesn’t have to be hard. In this short video I take you along what my Sunday mornings look like as I capture media to use throughout the week to tell the story of Sunday, tell the story of my church and ultimately, tell the story of God.

46 Ideas for Social Media – from Steve Fogg

I was perusing my Twitter feed and came across this gem from Steve Fogg. In brainstorm sessions with attendees to a seminar he was part of, they came up with 46 ideas of posting ideas for social media! What a great concept! Everyone is unique and different and so are the communities they are part […]

Question: Why Did this Post Go Viral (internally)?

UPDATED 2013-08-30 @ 2:45PM :: So… I’ve received some push back on the social media highway that this post “isn’t viral.” It’s true, it isn’t viral. I should have titled the post “Why Did this Post Get An Abnormally Large Amount of Comments?” So, for clarification, I still couldn’t figure out why this picture brought […]

Content That Gets Double-Digit “Likes” Every Time

I snapped this picture with our iPod Touch on August 25 and with a free iOS app (FrameUrLife), I added the lyrics to the song we were singing. A post like this at Mountain Park Community Church is guaranteed to get double-digit likes every time. The more likes, the wider the reach. The wider reach […]

5 Examples of Content You Can Create Next Week

My goal is to help motivate and encourage you to engage in strategic communication from week to week. Sometimes knowing where to start can be so exhausting that you just want to take a nap. In effort to jump start the creative juices I have put together a PDF of the social media posts from […]

Why This Post Was Effective

You can post massive amounts of content on various social networks and receive very little, if any feedback. Truthfully, a lot of times content can be effective even if you don’t see the obvious signs of ROI. Very quickly I will breakdown why this post was effective content. Click the Image to the left to […]

Effortlessly Creating Social Media Content

For years I have been using my iPhone to manage my church’s social media profiles. Adding links, quotes, pictures, videos, etc. is made easier by using the convenience of a smart phone. The Problem I can’t count the number of times I posted something for my church on my personal profile, or more importantly, something […]