The number of social networks you should use for business

How Many Social Networks You Should Be Using

Being active on various social networks is not any different than living an active lifestyle. You must find balance. Looking just at the platforms in social media you have approximately 10 networks you could be investing in. Add multiple profiles to any one of those networks and the activity becomes out of control.

The fear of missing out on engagement and growth is real, so how do you know if it’s a smart move to add a new network to your strategy and if that network will actually be worth the effort?

How Entrepreneur's Can Create Value in Social Media

Increasing Your Social Media Following Using Sure Shot Value

You do everything right but you can’t seem to crack the social media cookie. Social should be driving traffic to your website and you should be seeing content shared and your following increase. You need to discover how to deliver sure shot value through social media and when you do you will see your website traffic explode.

Selling a Product That Has Changed Your Life

You’ll post a picture of your family and immediately have 15 likes within 30 seconds. An hour later you’re at over 60 likes and a few comments. Follow that up with a picture of your latest greatest product that helped you accomplish a goal and… nothing.

Periscope Replays, Dave Shrein

Addicted to Periscope?

When you’ve found amazing broadcasters on Periscope it will be easy to become addicted to the platform. Every time your go-to scopers launch a scope you’ll grab the phone open the app and start streaming.

The one question I have is why are we addicted to Periscope? What is it about Periscope that has driven folks to favor a small smart phone screen over their 55″ LED TVs for entertainment?

Kim Garst, How to Make Money on periscope Summit

How to Make Money on Periscope

The first Periscope Summit has come and gone and the value hammer has been dropped. In this conversation with Kim Garst, Sue B Zimmerman, Nicole Walters and Ryan Steinolfson I moderate the discussion to extract the answer that everyone has about Periscope: How do I actually make money with Periscope?

Three Tips for Entrepreneurs launching on live streaming

Three Essential Tips For Entrepreneurs On Starting With Periscope

You may feel intimidated by the thought of live broadcasting on Periscope. You’ve enjoyed watching others but the idea of having your face on the screen for all to see is a bit much. Fortunately, there are three tips that, if followed, will help generate the confidence you need to launch a successful stream and give you a taste of what Periscope success feels like.

Learn the top three tips you need to get started on Periscope

Getting Started on Periscope

Getting started on Periscope may be a daunting task for you, especially if it’s outside of your comfort zone. Success comes with experience, but there are also a few things you can do to ensure your first experience is a success. I’ve put together my top three tips for Getting started on Periscope and they will give you the confidence you need to launch your first broadcast!

Start Dreaming Again

We all started out as dreamers. Now, you may find yourself saying, “I guess this is just what I’m meant to do,” as you consider your current lot in life, but it wasn’t always that way. As a child you were a dreamer. You could do anything you wanted and everyone around you thought it was cute. As you grew something changed and suddenly the word “realistic” became vocabulary you heard more often.

It’s time for you and I to get back to what came naturally to us: dreaming.