Dave Barnes – Very Merry Christmas

I have a Christmas music recommendation that I think will blow your socks off! If you’re ready to listen to the album that is destined to become your family’s favorite December soundtrack look no further and click the links below. You will instantly be taken from a world of LMFAO and Lady Gaga to a place of respect and reverence for Christmas classics.

Dave Barnes, Very Merry Christmas:  iTunes Link | Amazon

Bebo Norman – Christmas… From the Realms of Glory

Such a powerful song combined with the beauty of the real Christmas story. Bebo Norman’s Christmas album is a favorite in our home and I would love to invite you to discover the power of not only his covers of traditional Christmas songs but also original creations.

You can preview his entire album after clicking the link just below…

I’m a dad first!

Dave and Isaiah are saying “Hello from Disneyland!”

REWIND :: Worship Leaders in Skinny Jeans


One of the hardest things to do in life is to be yourself. Through the innovation of the internet and social media it is easier than ever to look at what others have and then compare. Popular culture is a bully when it comes to self-image and personal style threats to beat you up. Leaving you irrelevant in a world that craves relevancy.

I often go to the mall to clear my head and people watch. It might sound like misery for some, but for me, mall walking is therapeutic. I can recall a particular weeknight where I was weighing the decision of either becoming a communication director or continuing to pursue a music position in vocational ministry. As I moved past each store, gazing into the full glass windows viewing each display, I noticed that I was gradually looking less at the merchandise and taking note of the product being reflected by the window. I stopped and just looked at myself, at my image.

Coffee For the Team

Coffee run before our team meeting this morning!

A Kick In the Pants When You’re Running on Empty

I recently had the privilege of appearing on the Saturday morning radio program Bold Living with Diane Markins. Several weeks prior to our interview, Diane called me with deep frustration and discouragement. I think everyone has these moments, but it’s crazy how when you’re in the middle of it you feel like the you’re the only one. You feel alone.

Lunch Break with Buddy

I love driving home for my lunch break!

Crazy Hair

Rufio, Rufio, Ru-Fi-Oooooo