Building Irresistible Anticipation


The premise of the A&E show, Bad Ink, is two tattoo artists from Vegas find potential guests with terrible tattoos, make fun of them and then fix their tattoos. I don’t recommend the show simply because any redeeming value is negated by pretty much every other element of the show. However, they demonstrate one very powerful strategy that the church should take note of.

Jon Acuff – Beginning and Middle

“Never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.” @jonacuff

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Winning On Your Worst Day

No matter how much you take care of our minds and bodies it is inevitable that you will have an “off” day. A day when you can’t get into a healthy rhythm and accomplish all that’s on your list.

It’s okay to have an off day. You’re human. We all are. But just because you’re having an off day doesn’t mean that day is as a waste.

There is no secret formula to transform a loser day into a winner day. Anyone who tries to tell you there is is only fooling themselves. Being productive in the midst of a dry spell is all about team work. When Lebron James has an off night D-Wade is right there to pick up the slack.

Building a Strong Team that Won’t Break

I think in any leadership role the two biggest factors that will help your volunteers is relationship and direction. I say the word “direction” in the context of knowing what you would like them to do; or goal setting, not in a bark out orders type of direction. My name is Jon Cain and I […]

Don’t Give In

Don’t compare yourself. Don’t you dare. It’s unfair to yourself and others around you. Seriously, stop. If you compare yourself with someone else you are robbing the world of the uniqueness God created inside of you. Okay, fine… if you must compare yourself… compare yourself to Jesus and aspire to be just like him. But […]

Dave Shrein – You’re Successful

“If something you’ve done is working, never feel like you need someone else’s approval before you can feel successful.” @daveshrein

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Sharing Success With Your Team

Our Social Media Communications Team just concluded a successful social media campaign. We invited our church members and the surrounding community to participate in upcoming personal growth workshops. These workshops provide the opportunity to become intentional in key areas of one’s life. For many they are an on-ramp into something other than a Sunday morning […]

How to Restore a Work Relationship

How to Restore a Work Relationship

One of the worst feelings in the world is going to work knowing you will be face to face with a co-worker you are in conflict with. That feeling of “keeping tabs on where they are so you can make sure to walk to your office a little quicker” or “using the restroom when you see them coming your direction” sucks. When we fail to address these issues taking action to rectify them we forfeit our influence and that is a loss a leader cannot afford to realize.