you are capable of greatness

You Were Created to Be Great


Why is it so easy to become content with the attitude of “that’s good enough”? No matter whether we have taken that attitude towards personal or professional responsibilities, we know that bumping up our effort at any given task can produce outstandingly better results. Why are we content with good, or rather, good enough?

What Can You Learn From This Epic Fall?

I’m not even going to attempt to pull out a life lesson from this video because there are too many to choose from.

Why You Must Love Your Audience


Good leaders love those in their care. If you don’t love them, it will show and they will know.

Wannabe Leaders vs Real Leaders

The difference between wannabe leaders and real leaders
Often what separates wanna-be leaders from those who truly pursue becoming real-life influencers is self-discipline. Self-discipline is a very difficult virtue to master when developing into the lifestyle of a leader.

My Life’s Quote… For Now


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve referenced and shared this quote with others. During 2013 and 2014 I continue to quote an amazing concept that has been credited to several different individuals… personally, I don’t care who said it. It has been very helpful to me and I believe that it can be helpful to you, as well.

Do You Posses the Courage Necessary to Lead?

What kind of courage does a leader need to posses

Leadership requires a courage. Courage will allow you to challenge the status quo and challenge your team and organization to heights of invention and innovation.

Roll the Dice and Love Everybody


Love gets a bad wrap. Love is mixed up and tangled with all sorts of cheap imitations of what it really is. Look at Jesus and love like he did. Love cost him his life. Even if you don’t believe he rose from the grave, his example of true love is one anyone can take note of.

What I Learned from Back to the Future

A list of “what I learned from Back to the Future” could be endless. A shorter list might be “what you can’t learn from Back to the Future.” Instead of focusing on the many lessons that Doc and Marty can teach us, there’s just one that I find most helpful.

Your choices today have a direct impact on your life tomorrow.