How Church Communicators Should Deal with Resistance

church communication

Church communicators deal with a fair share of rejection and resistance. We are simply trying to do our jobs yet it often seems like we are always fighting some sort of battle.

Have you ever had a dream of everyone just agreeing with your strategy and trusting you to do what it was you were hired specifically to do? Yeah, me too! Actually, I figured out the secret to making that a reality.

Reporting Website Traffic with Google Analytics

Reporting website traffic with Google Analytics is not new and most likely you are already doing this. The one thing that you want out of any third party app for reporting on analytics is for the app to make the stats the star.

I have discovered exactly how to do just that!

The Christmas Social Episode

Social is a beast, mostly because there is an expectation for us to have a presence on all networks, even if we don’t understand them. Finding clarity for our main church account is hard enough. Never mind the ministries that want their own social presence.

How to Manage Your Communication Schedule and Strategy

how to manage your communication schedule and strategy

After spending six years building communication strategies and implementing a scheduling system, I’m hosting a free webinar to help others do the same.

I’m a firm believer that if an organization wants to communicate clearly and efficiently, there must be an authoritative strategy that everyone looks to. I’m excited to show you what I’ve discovered has worked to accomplish this and more!

The Christmas Planning Episode

Christmas is a double-edged sword for communicators. Christmas is established and there is already a narrative that church-goers are expecting to engage with. So how do you continue to re-ignite the excitement for Christmas not only in the hearts of the people but in the hearts of church staff? The key is in the approach.

How to Say No by Saying Yes

I recently had a communication request come through for a church I am working with. The request was for a children’s event that applied to a very small demographic of the church, yet the person submitting the request wanted a very large platform for this event. If you work in a church, you know everyone […]

The Power of Going Behind the Scenes

Everyone loves going behind the scenes. At a my former job I regularly took visitors on a tour of our facility. Despite portions of the tour that were less than impressive, when surveyed, participants would always rank the tour as highly enjoyable.

There’s something exciting to learning how the sausage is made.

Going behind the scenes pulls back the facade of the company. It’s essential for every organization to maintain a brand and put forward an intentional image, however you always want to maintain a level of authenticity with transparency.

The Secret Ingredient to Church Communications

The Secret to Church Communication

Whoa, didn’t see this one coming!

I was honored and humbled to be asked by Brady Shearer to appear on his podcast, Pro Church Podcast to talk specifically to the topic of communications. We get into a lot of good stuff that every brand manager and digital strategy person needs to be aware of.

Brady puts together a great podcast and I was glad to be able to contribute to the arena!