Books Young Entrepreneurs Should Be Reading

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There is one way to achieve success quicker than anyone else around you and has everything to do with books. The beauty of books is that they represent a compilation of the greatest thoughts by any given person on one particular subject. If you want the best someone has to offer read their book because they sweat harder over the words used in their book than they ever would over a coffee with you.

Once you come to the point of accepting that you must be reading there are two collections books you will want to focus in on. The first collection is made up of books specific to your topic. Whatever it is you want to build you will want to seek out books which educate you in that single area. This is a no brainer.

The second collection is less obvious but just as important. The second collection is comprised of titles which offer commentary on culture and the human condition. Understanding more about the world around you in a big picture sense will not only give you a better knowledge of culture but it will also keep you apprised of what is happening in culture and how to communicate in the midst of it. Not to mention you’ll gain a plethora of illustrations that you can lean on to help illustrate your ideas.

To get you started there are two books for young entrepreneurs I want to recommend. The first book is Quitter by Jon Acuff. This book is essential for any young entrepreneur currently stuck in a much hated job. Believe it or not you have a lot to learn in your current role and Quitter will help build a perspective in you that will allow you to gain endless value out of a crappy job.

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The second book I want to recommend is Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. This book studies the culture of movements and epidemics. It is a report on how pop culture is shaped and provides an understanding to what is really happening behind the scenes.

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Don’t wait for success to come to you… start right now by looking for success in the words of authors who have invested their lives documenting their best understandings of life.