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How awesome is it hearing from other entrepreneurs what is working and what they are changing up? In leu of an entrepreneurial manual, #dactalk is my effort to catalog the experiences of entrepreneurs just like you.

Each episode of this podcast for entrepreneurs is an informal conversation about what our individual businesses have looked like in the past weeks and a behind the scenes look at how we approach doing business regarding the given topic.

The best way I would describe #dactalk (Dave and Community Talk) is you get to be a fly on the wall for 60 minutes to listen and learn whatever you can from what real entrepreneurs are doing.

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Dave Shrein Online Marketing Entrepreneur

Dave Shrein



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What you do matters… a lot! There are people counting on your leadership and expertise. Honestly, I really admire that you continue to show up for them.

I am always eager to seize every opportunity to help others through my knowledge of online marketing and my experience as an entrepreneur. 

I love talking about:

  • Online marketing campaigns
  • Marketing operations and putting the pieces together
  • Creating an annual marketing strategy

If you think I can add value to your audience, I’d love to appear on your podcast. Please take a moment to let me know how to reach you so we can get something scheduled.