Achieve Mad Crazy Success as a Freelancer | Episode 012

You may not have expected to become a freelancer – a friend knows you’re good at something and recommends your work to someone. Next thing you know you’re clocking out of your day job and going home to clock in at a side job – you just became a freelancer.

Not all freelancers want to leave their day jobs but all freelancers want to earn money working at the art they love. How do you achieve success at something you only give part of your time to? How do you find the right clients to work with – or more importantly, how do they find you? How do you know which clients to take on and which clients you tell to pound sand?

In this episode of #dactalk Dave Shrein and Emily Carlton talk from their years of experience as successful freelancers revealing what it takes to achieve mad crazy success at freelancing. While every freelancer’s priorities will vary this conversation will pull back the curtain on what successful freelancing can look like and you will discover tips and strategies that can help you take your freelancing work to the next level!