A Thank You that Communicates “WOW”

Thanking Volunteers

A few months ago I wanted to come up with a simple way to say “thanks!” to my design volunteers. As a designer, I understand there’s a certain thrill that comes with holding that finished piece in your hands (and smelling the fresh ink, of course). So why not create that experience for my design team with a “thank you” attached?

Thankfully, Apple makes that possible and practical. In iPhoto, you can turn that series graphic into a custom thank you card that will be printed and mailed for around $3. I started doing this with my team earlier this year, and the results have been great! When a designer submits the final deliverable, it becomes a hot-off-the-presses custom thank you card in a mater of days. I know they feel appreciated…and they keep coming back, ready for more.

By the way, a softcover photo book through iPhoto starts at around $20. That seems like a nifty end-of-the-year way to say, “here’s a whole year of design that you contributed to!” I’m pretty excited about that one.

To the volunteers on my team, consider this a shout out…you guys rock!

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  1. Dave Shrein
    Dave Shrein says:

    When I first heard how Eric was using Apple Cards to thank his volunteers, I though it was a fantastic idea. I think many of us would consider ourselves creative types and moreover, I would also guess that we all do a decent job of showing appreciation to our volunteers.

    What I love about this idea is that it has multiple wow factors to it. A physical articulation of a digital creation. Something out of the ordinary from a starbucks gift card. A gift that actually took time to create and has a solid value feel to it.

    Excellent article, Eric.

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