A Thank You Gives More Than It Takes

A Thank You Give More Than It Takes

I’ve never met someone who didn’t want to be thanked for something they did. I have met plenty who wanted to avoid the spotlight. They don’t want any additional attention to come to their way but when it does they’ll typically say something like, “a simple ‘thank you’ will do.”

Bottom line, everyone wants some sort of thank you. The desired publicity may vary but the want is still there. It’s so easy to say thank you but many don’t do it.

Let’s take a moment to write down all our excuses why someone wouldn’t say “thank you.”

  • I forgot to say thanks
  • They know I’m thankful
  • I already said thank you
  • I will appear weak and lose power if I say thanks
  • It’s not necessary because they didn’t do anything to warrant it
  • It’s their job and they had to do it
  • I’m not grateful for what they did
  • It’s not a habit of mine. I wasn’t raised that way
  • I’m too consumed with my stuff
  • I don’t really care about it
  • I just have a lack of manners
  • I believe a ‘thank you’ wouldn’t be enough

Do you see one good reason on that list? I don’t either.

A Thank You Gives More than It Takes

I have invested many years forming relationships with middle school and high school students. FYI, it is a thankless job. After dozens of groups and hundreds of students, I received my first ‘thank you’ from an 8th grade guy. He sent a card through the mail (which was awesome) and inside he thanked me for being his leader.

Thirty characters, one envelope, a little spit and one liberty stamp was all it took from him. To me, it meant so much more. He gave me something that represents more than just one student’s appreciation. It is a symbol of all the years that I’ve invested so far, and a reminder to continue investing for years to come.

Who Do You Need to Thank

Who do you need to thank today? Don’t let another minute go by because everyone wants to be thanked. If you haven’t said thank you to your spouse in years, it can feel awkward to start now, but imagine the impact your words will have! If you have never thanked your parents for all they did/do for you, say it today. No matter how much time has passed, it’s never too late. Excuses don’t go anywhere, but a thank you will always go a long way.

Happy Thanksgiving and may this day be a blessing to you and those whom you love.