A New Vision for A Church E-Newsletter

I was recently watching a church social media webinar and one of the speakers got all over churches for not maximizing their email newsletter. My church is guilty of not maximizing every touch point we have with new subscribers.

Our Touch Points

  • Signup Page
  • Confirmation Needed Email
  • You’re Confirmed Thank You Email

Though the purpose of each of these touch points is different, each one is equally important. The signup page needs to convince the user that the email will be worth signing up for, painting a clear picture of what they’ll receive. The “confirmation needed email” is a great opportunity to let the voice of your organization come out. They still need to confirm, but you don’t just have to say, “Please confirm your email subscription.” Here’s what I wrote:

Thank you for signing up! Mama taught us right. Because we never want to send email to someone who hasn’t requested it, we want to confirm it was you signing up for the eNewsletter. In order to finish out the process, we need to confirm your email address. Just log into your email account and click the link that we just sent you. If for some reason you’re not able to locate it, check your junk or spam mailbox. If you still can’t locate it, just shoot me an email, [email protected]. Dave Shrein Pastor of Communications

I wouldn’t say what I wrote is right, but I would say that it was better than what we had before. The “You’re confirmed, thank you,” email is the final touch point in the subscription process. I wanted to give the user a taste of what they would experience in future emails.

Here’s a link to the Evernote note that I am currently working on. Check it out and see what you think

The bottom line here is be intentional with new subscriber touch points. The hardest part about getting these touch points optimized is finding the time to do it. But just do it. The people are asking to be contacted by you… make sure that they don’t want to ask you to stop contacting them.

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