A New Episode for the Shrein Family


Often we have plans, timelines and thoughts on how life will go. There’s a plan to get married and hold off on having kids for several years, only to find out that a little blessing is coming quicker than expected. Or perhaps athletic success has come easy but recovery from an injury has not. It might even be thinking that Lebron James abandoned his home town and there will never be a championship in the town of Cleveland and then, all of the sudden the king returns!

I’m a dreamer at heart. The older I get the more I dream. If you’re a friend or acquaintance of mine or if you’ve been following me online for any good period of time, you know that I’m always working on something. I’ve always got some new idea on my brain. Are they always good ideas… no… but they’re still brewing.

As of last week, my family and I are beginning a new episode of life. After nearly six years on staff at Mountain Park Community Church Thursday, July 18th was my last day. Through a reorganization, there is no longer a need for someone to oversee my responsibilities at the level which I was providing. Though it wasn’t in my plans or on my timeline, I am excited for what is next.

What Is Next for Dave?

The last 12 months have been very defining for me. The world of working in social media and communications can be a lonely one. Through relationships formed using social media and my personal relationships, I’ve found that I am not alone. My challenges are shared by many others. My fears are the same fears of others. This also means that the victory that others experience is available to me as well.

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Even though I will no longer be employed at a church working in communications, does this mean I will cease to lend my voice to the communication and marketing space? Absolutely not. It is my intent to engage all the more and provide as many resources and tools to the community as I can. Every organization has a unique story to tell and I am anxious to give even more energy and time to help these groups share the stories that only they can tell.

Will You Look For Another Church Job?

Even in the few days since I first learned that I would be moving on, the question that I’ve gotten more than any other is, “are you going to work for another church?” I have worked on Sunday morning since 2001 and, if I’m being completely honest, I am really only thinking about sleeping in and then getting donuts on Sunday. I’ve been told that attending church with your spouse is great for your marriage. I look forward to discovering this for myself.

But if I have to give a serious answer, I would say that I’m not counting it out. Because many churches do not consider a communications director to be a typical job to hire for, finding a position in Arizona that fits my skill set may be difficult. Yes, we want to stay in Arizona, but no, we will never say we aren’t leaving AZ (my thoughts are my own and do not reflect those of my wife Sondra… love you darling). I feel that even now, I have much to continue to offer the church world through the Church Marketing Podcast as well as my email newsletter, The Communicator’s List (it’s the best stuff I have to offer, sign up). I will continue to invest in the church, church leaders and church communicators through these channels and see what God may bring in addition to them.

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What’s Next for the Shrein Family?

Who knows?! Just like 24 with Jack Bauer, it seems like every episode of our life is filled with excitement, suspense, frustration and opportunity. And just like a 24 binge watching session, as this episode has ended, Sondra and I are looking at one another saying, “okay, just one more episode…” (you know exactly what I’m talking about).

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  1. David Uribe
    David Uribe says:

    Dave, congrats on the positive outlook and the proactive approach to this new chapter in your family’s life.

    I know it can be a scary and exciting time. Let me know if I can be a resource in any way.

    I just finished praying for ya.

    Your friend,

    • Dave Shrein
      Dave Shrein says:

      Dave, means a lot my man… I appreciate you and even though we’ve only spoken over the phone once… I have to say that your heart blesses me big time. When you say something you mean it… which is why your words are so meaningful here!

  2. djchuang
    djchuang says:

    #ouch, that reorg stuff is not fun.. sorry to hear that, Godspeed and the good Lord be with you and keep you strong for the new season and may lots of new creative juices flow!

  3. Bret Johnson
    Bret Johnson says:

    Dave, I need to spend a few days in Phoenix metro soon. I will definitely make plans to take you to break-y or lunch and get caught up. You have been a blessing to me and a good friend (except for the miles). Thanks for your ministry.

    • Dave Shrein
      Dave Shrein says:

      Bret… I’ll look forward to it! My number is still the same… FB me if you do need it though!

      Oh, and ditto to everything you shared. I appreciate all the encouragement and friendship you’ve given freely to me and the family. Blessings my man!

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